Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Layout of "Customer" Page 2

Here's a look at the layout for page 3 of "The Customer Is Always Right," my first comic story to see print. (Awesome, huh?) I now have all the finished art from Tomás--and the pages look awesome. Right now, I'm working with my letterer to finish this thing up.

I'll be posting some of the final art soon, so keep checking back.

This story will appear in an anthology very soon. (I can't wait to see it in print.) I will post more info on the anthology as soon as I have it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happiness Is Making Comics

Wow. . . . Wow.

I'm sitting here looking at the page layouts for my first comic story, "The Customer Is Always Right." There are few things more satisfying than looking at a story you wrote coming to life.

Check out the first page by the very talented Tomás Morón, my extraordinary collaborator. Click on the pic at left to see it much bigger.

A mysterious client. Veiled motives. A grizzled mob hit man. Blood and lots of it. "The Customer Is Always Right" is a dark tale about a young man who goes to hire a hit man—and it doesn’t work out for anyone. With a touch of wry humor, this tense story builds to an unexpectedly bloody conclusion.

We're in serious production right now--and I'll have more to post soon. The full story will be featured in an anthology produced by fellow alums from Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience.