Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gargoyle By Moonlight: Creative Team Announcement

Figure out your destiny. Defeat a demigod. And do it all before sunrise. That’s the challenge facing Gary Doyle tonight.

Get ready, 2012 is going to rock as Gargoyle By Moonlight, a 36-page full-color monster-punching thrill ride, is set to take the (under)world by storm. An action-packed supernatural urban fantasy, this comic is fun old school storytelling, infused with charming characters and told via stunning visuals. I’ve been teasing about all the terrific stuff we’ve been up to, but now all can be revealed. Allow me to introduce the creative team of the next great supernatural hero comic:

Gargoyle By Moonlight, which made its covert debut last weekend at Mid-Ohio Comic Con, is brought to life by a dynamic set of fresh creators passionate about making great comics.

The book is drawn by an absolutely amazing penciler, Brian Atkins. Brian is a St. Louis-based comic book creator who brought the sweeping story to life with his great character work and brilliant renders. He’s a very good storyteller, capable of choreographing dizzying fight scenes and handling emotional moments in a very true way. But more than his craftsmanship, he brought an incredible energy to our collaboration, researching looks, sketching out great costumes, and adding in extra touches—all of which helped me to define the characters more fully. He was totally invested in the project from the get-go, and it shows in every panel.

Brian has been working as a freelance illustrator for the past few years while also pursuing a degree in design. In addition to comic book work, he's created character and logo designs, produced print ads, and illustrated a children's book.

At Mid-Ohio Con, Brian’s Gargoyle By Moonlight pages were oohed and aahed over. Reception for the art and the concept was great: people loved the fun idea and enjoyed the characters. And Brian even received some fine feedback from pros such as Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley. (Yes, we are on our way!)
Coming in over Brian’s exquisite line work is a self-described jack-of-all-trades, Jeremiah "Miah" Lambert. Inking digitally, Miah’s light touch sharpens the work and brings crisp highlights and contrasts to the pages. This book is going to be colored, but let me tell you, the “plain” ol’ B&W pages are as gorgeous as some color books I’ve seen. In addition to inking Gargoyle By Moonlight, Miah is also lettering the book and handling some production chores. Performing multiple roles, he’s been a wonderful teacher and helper as we bring this book to press.

Working out of Peoria, IL, Miah has already built a nice resume of pro work, inking and lettering floppies and graphic novels for companies like AC Comics and Viper Comics. He's also done inking on Transformers and Tonka Truck art for Hasbro Toys.

I’ll be dribbling out all kinds of exclusives sneak peeks in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss a single panel!