Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Watch the Trailer for Gargoyle By Moonlight, Buy It Digitally

At long last, it can be revealed: the Gargoyle By Moonlight trailer is live and speeding through the Internet pipes to you.

What's more, GBM is now available in several digital formats. You can have your copy of this stunning mini-graphic novel on your screen in seconds. Watch the video for details, or click here to buy your digital copy of Gargoyle By Moonlight.

Thanks to Comics Experience pal and creator of Gutter Magic, Rich Douek for all his help making the promo video. You should check out this fun and inventive tale of sword, sorcery, and sixguns, at Sixgun Comics.

More on Gargoyle By Moonlight, drawn by Brian Atkins, inked and lettered by Jeremiah Lambert, colored by Juan Romera, and written by Tim Bach, is available at Moonrisecomics.com.