Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Update: Gargoyle By Moonlight Coming in 2012!

Howdy, comics fans! I've been busy working on comics, but I wanted to give you a small update and a little taste of the color art of Gargoyle By Moonlight.

Done in bold, vibrant colors by all-around artist Juan Romera, the full book will be smashing your way in early 2012. Juan is an accomplished artist whose work can be seen in Fall (pencils, inks, and colors) from 214 Ink, Woody and the Noble (pencils, inks) for Arcana, and several Web comics.

Right now, we're closing in on the inks, and about half the book is colored. Here you can see a small sample of the vivid palette and fine textures Juan's adding to make all this art pop.

Soon, I'll have a nifty website ready for prime time and lots more to show you.

Oh, and what's that down below? Why that's something else, something you'll want to get in on the ground floor of. And it'll be charging at you even sooner than Gargoyle!

Pencils and inks for the shocking scene above by Nick Valente. Colors by Sean Burres.