Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Have a Table at Project Comic Con (St. Louis)

I am scrambling right now.

Last week, I finally held my comic book, 
Gargoyle By Moonlightin my hands.

Today is the my first con as a comics creator (I hesitate to say pro--at least until someone buys a book). I'll be appearing with the artist on Gargoyle By Moonlight, Brian Atkins at the big St. Louis show: Project Comic Con. Table A20.

Wow. That's a big deal. And I think I'm ready.

I have my books, banner, pitch, money for change, snacks, and a new website (more on that very soon). Most of all, I have my passion for making comics. I can't wait to get Gargoyle By Moonlight out there into the world. You're going to love it. (Proof the book exists to the left.)

There are lots of things coming soon. Stay tuned.

Okay, one more thing: here's a tease of some of the stuff that's coming your way. Enjoy this one-page full preview of Emergency Stop, the best taser-in-an-elevator story of 2012!

Table banner--check us out at Table A20.