Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gargoyle By Moonlight For Sale . . . NOW!

You can buy your copy of the 36-page full-color monster-punching thrill ride of a mini graphic novel, Gargoyle By Moonlight at Indy Planet

Figure out your destiny. Defeat a demigod. And do it all before sunrise. That's the challenge facing Gary Doyle tonight.

Afflicted by a curse that turns him into a stone gargoyle every night, Gary Doyle has been passing the time punching out creepy crawly underworld demons and trying to figure out how to undo the curse. When a raging demigod bent on annihilation begins rampaging through the city, Doyle, coached by the mysterious gypsy, Drina, and assisted by the equally enchanting archaeologist, Chloe Anders, must decide whether he's a hero or the monster the world sees him as.

Drawn by Brian Atkins, inked and lettered by Jeremiah Lambert, with colors by Juan Romera, and written by Timothy BachGargoyle By Moonlight is an action-packed one-shot. Supernatural urban fantasy, it's old school storytelling with charming characters and stunning visuals.

Gargoyle By Moonlight Page 3 Preview Timothy Bach Brian Atkins Moonrise Comics
Page 3 from Gargoyle By Moonlight.
You can read a free 6-page preview here. (Click on the "Images" tab.)

Each copy of the comic comes with a URL that'll take you to a free online GBM story. This bonus story is only available to readers who buy the print version.

It's been a long, slow rollout because I wanted several things to be in place before I went wide with the full release, but the book is available now. And I have a lot of things planned such as more free stories, great Web content, interviews, and even a trailer.

Please help spread the word by tweeting this blog or posting about the book to Facebook or wherever you hang out.

And don't forget to get your copy at Indy Planet today!

Coming soon: Get to know the characters.