Friday, April 23, 2010

Step 1: Develop a script. Done.
I recently completed Andy Schmidt's writing class over at Comics Experience, where I workshopped a five-page script. Some of the others in my class are going to produced an anthology collecting our respective works.

Step 2: Team-up with an artist to tell the story. In process.
Been slogging through portfolios and posts over at Digital Webbing, PencilJack and other places, evaluating art and contacting artists.

I sent out several e-mails and posted an ad. I've had two artists turn me down. But I'm actually kind of psyched. Both guys just took jobs, one with DC and another at Zenescope on the Grimm Fairy Tales line. I guess I have a good eye for talent. (Not like it's hard to recognize good pencils.) Still, rejection is part of the process.

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