Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My advice: dive in/Agent has good advice

My advice: if you have a script you think is great, start contacting artists. Dive in. You're never going to make comics until you start working with pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, etc. It takes a team to bring a book to life. Just sitting around thinking about making comics will get you nowhere. (I know, I've done that.) Check out Digital Webbing, Pencil Jack, etc. Go through people's portfolios. Find somebody's art that you like and contact them. Ask them if they'd like to work with you. All they can do is say no. Rejection is half the battle. Sure, you're not going to make comics until someone says yes, but you need to get out there and start networking.

Artists' agent David Macho Gómez makes some interesting points about working in the comics business over at Newsarama--including several tips for artists. With a little modification, his five tips can be applied to new writers too.

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