Monday, February 7, 2011

SHAZAM! A Free Comic Book Day in January?!?

A couple of weeks ago, the proprietor of my regular LCS here in St. Louis (Comic Headquarters), held a special free comic book day (note the lowercase letters so as to not infringe on any other similar events). It was a nice little winter warm-up surprise. They had free issues, giveaways, and local comic book artist, Lorenzo Lizana, doing sketches. Presented for your enjoyment are two sketches I picked up at the event. (And whenever Lorenzo is drawing, I pick up some sketches.)

Lorenzo is a very talented local artist. He's done all kinds of comic, cartoon, and toy and other product design work. And he's a great guy to talk about the business. He has a big national deal brewing--which I won't go into here--plus a really cool book in the works that'll be out by the actual FCBD. I always enjoy looking at his pages and this project was no different. He has a really cool concept--one that's beautiful to look at too. Can't wait to see it in print.

Enjoy his Capt. Marvel and Superman.

Now to get these babies colored. . . .

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