Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worldwide Publishing Domination or La dominación de todo el mundo editorial

My relatively short journey to worldwide publishing domination (or, and apologies for the Babelfish/Yahoo translation: La dominación de todo el mundo editorial) is coming to an end. Okay, I'm kidding. I'm nowhere near becoming the next big thing in comics--but I have started my ten years of work to become an overnight sensation, and, in doing so, I at least have a shot, right?

I mentioned a short time back that my partner for "Customer," Tomás Morón, is publishing our story in a Spanish edition in Europe. Part of a collection from Ikari Studio called Los Malditos (translation: The Damned), our story joins a cast of other really awesome-looking tales. You can check out their site here (in Spanish): or here with a rough English translation.

To the left is one of the promos for the book. I can't wait to see the Spanish edition of El Cliente Siempre Tiene Razon, done as their site says, by Tomás and me in the pure classic terror EC Comics style. And, of course, the North America edition is still available for purchase by clicking the ad below.

Also, Tomás has recently completed a graphic novel (with concept by Chad & Dara Creasey and script by Mark Haven Britt) called Maximum High for Kickstart Comics. Check out his blog, to see pages or go to Kickstart's page.

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