Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moonrise Comics Is (A)Live!

What is Moonrise Comics? It's the next step.
Check out the great new site:
Home to stories of vivid fantasy and heart-grabbing drama, chock-full of werewolves, cowboys, sexy assassinistas*, aliens, robots, and monster-punching gargoyles, Moonrise Comics is the publishing imprint I've started to collaborate with dynamic creators who want to make the world’s best comics. We're making comics with compelling characters, incredible art, and all kinds of heart. In short: big, fun, touching, powerful, great comics.
At, you can read free comics (with more on the way), find out more about existing projects, view original art and teaser images, and get to know the talented creators and get in touch with us.
While you're there, check out the all-new huge full-color free 7-page preview of Gargoyle By Moonlight.
*I just simultaneously coined and trademarked this term. (And wait until you see Ava!)

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